Orbigo to Astorga


 I said goodbye to the loveliest place on the Camino. We had a wonderful dinner made by Christine (4 courses ). I was amazed at a group of 4 that refused to eat her meal. I won’t mention the nationality, but she said that this “nationality” often did this, then dirties her kitchen, and doesn’t clean up. She does this by donation, and often they give only a few euro, but she must welcome everyone. I did the evening dishes for her. 


   I set out at 7 am because it was supposed to get to 85 degrees today. I sit outside the Santa Maria municipal Albergue as I write this, waiting for it to open at 11:00 am. My feet are hot and I must admit: trail runners sound REAL good right now. My hot feet leave moisture prints on the cool tiles as I wait: it feels like ice and I love it. 


The path out of Orbigo runs straight up a path the would be excellent to be robbed in.  I thought of the pilgrims a thousand years ago, and how dangerous it must have been.  


After an hour or so, I came upon David, who runs a stand in the middle of no where. He has water, juices, fruit, cookies, boiled eggs, fruit, and if you can believe it…Peanut butter!!! 


I had a banana, peanut butter spread on a cookie and water. I gave a couple euros. 


Further down I was blessed to see the Flamingo playing guitar guy at the overlook.i got my euro out and had it ready. He said, “I play?” And held his hand out. I promptly gave it to him and danced while he played (it’s a Greeley thing). 


It began to heat up and I finally made it into town. 16 km and I’m beat? Tomorrow is 20 km to Rabanal and I will have to leave by 6 am to beat the temperatures. I plan on resting every hour and changing my socks out.  

  Stay hydrated pilgrim! 

pack light for goodness sake!


 Crazy market ladies! And finally, for tonight anyway, home sweet home! 


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