Long pull out of Leon!

What a long walk through dingy neighborhoods, past garbage cans over-flowing, not to mention UP hill. It wasn’t on my top ten of mornings. 

I’m always forgetting something, and today it was sun screen. I had a long sleeve shirt and wanted desperately to take it off, but the sun would have burnt me. I emptied my water bottle and could see a village coming up.

In the middle of a turn in Oncina, this volunteer had a table set out with all kinds of treats and of all things: a small bottle of sunscreen! So I picked up that, a granola bar and filled my water bottle.  

A lot of us wanted to get off the road and had taken the scenic route. It truly was off the beaten path. It took me from 8:00 to 1:00 to go 20 km today, but I’m thinking that they weren’t measuring the part of Leon that we walked thru, it could have been more. 

But I shot a few pretty pictures of the Pamodor (The Way) and will post them:



Two weary pilgrims….. 

 if only. 

 for donation only shop

I’m staying in the worst Albergue yet, but you just get your boots on on the morning and get “the heck outta Dodge.”  Miss everyone. 

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