Quick check in

I did the math, and to walk without anxiety, I needed to get to Leon. So, this morning went like this:

The nuns booted us bleary-eyed pilgrims out the door at 7:58 am. Doors slam shut and there we stood, looking for coffee shops. 

Luckily, last night I had purchased my bus ticket for Leon ($11.00). But the bus didn’t leave until 11:45 am. 

I went from coffee shop to coffee shop and then finally, found a sunny bench to watch storks building their nests. I spoke to a Korean girl (limited English) and she had boots that were too small. She didn’t bring anything else to wear, she was thinking of quitting early. We laughed as I pantomimed throwing her boots into the canal. She said, “my pack too!  My pack too!” And we laughed.

About 10 of us climbed onto the bus. We watched the open skies as the Mesta speed by and two hours later were in the biggest city in Northern Spain.   I rode with a woman (Mary) who decided to find the Albergue with me. We actually had a very hard time finding it. A rather shady character tried to help us and then he got on his phone while talking to us. I told Mary he was calling for backup: two lost women with packs–easy targets. Mary said she wasn’t afraid, she had a big walking stick.

We found the convent, and are safely tucked in for the night. I have my day planned tomorrow: Leon to  Villa de Mazarife. 20 km. I want to get out of the city as soon as I can. I will leave here around 8 am.

I didn’t really take pictures. Only of a fish fountain in Carrion. 


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