Hornillos to Castrojeriz (or…where in the heck am I?!)

When I wanted to walk the Camino, I wanted to see two things in particular: the Pyrenees mountains and the Meseta in green.  

I am settled into my Albergue and my blister has toughened up a little. Tomorrow I will pad it in sheep’s wool and surgical tape and set out for an “easy” 20 km. I have my pack set to go forward and my room reserved, so I can go as slow as I need to.

One thing I noticed today was the loud wind. I think I’ll try ear plugs as I walk. I’m about to say my prayers and tuck in. My thoughts are with all my loved ones. Special thanks to those who sent me scriptures from Evensong service: they mean so much. I loved the notes from you all. I’ll write more tomorrow.

Next day-

Hey! When you don’t have 18 lbs on your back, you can move REAL fast!! 

  Full moon on the Meseta!  I’m walking at 6 am to see it tomorrow. This was at 7 am and it was still bright. 

  Met a burro who said he’d rather be with me than the pilgrim he was with. Apparently, you can rent them for the entire journey to pack your gear! Next time. 

Meseta in green with my finger! 


A wonderful Albergue that hasn’t electricity and uses candles at night (it was in the movie “The Way.” Unfortunately, I had already shipped my pack 3 miles further. It was nice to visit.  The town for the night is Castroljeriz. I’m staying at an Albergue called Ultriea. Very nice. 

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