Facing fear

I can’t think quickly, so I plan several options constantly to quiet the frozen feeling of situations that are complicated. It is called a coping mechanism and it works for me.

I don’t really like being alone, but life has thrown me into solitary contemplation more than once.

Now tomorrow, I walk a section called the Meseta region of the Camino. I have been with a lovely group and had to skip days to walk onward. I’m nervous and a little homesick. I’m smack dab in the center of my time in Spain, so I push on. I will have plenty time to “settle in” as I used to tell my 3 year old son on a long trip: 

“Settle in, Ben, we’re going to be driving a while.” He’d usually toss something out the window at that point!

I am in Hornillas at a new Albergue called “the meeting point” very nice. Funny, but thinking I would be alone, I stumbled across three of my Camino friends from Roncevalles, so we have plans to meet for dinner at the only place in town. 

I struggled with my pack all morning. I keep tossing things, but it still seems heavy. My blister got worse because of the weight. As I walked, I would go over what I REALLY needed for hours on the path. Tomorrow I will ship my pack ahead for 6 Euros. It will be something that I have to do from now on. When I have a light pack with only rain gear, water and snacks I can go forever. But today that heel blister flared up again….

Here are some pictures that I could not upload last night due to no wifi:

  Reminded me of Noels, my Aussie mate: but means hot bread. 

extravagant ceiling in one of the rooms in the Burgos cathedral. 

I became dizzy taking this shot. 


Returning from a walk in Burgos, and caught a piece of the cathedral between buildings.


 An elegant selfie: moments later a huge gust of wind blew everything off the table. I jumped up and shouted, “Save the Vino!!!!” Making everyone laugh around me. I’m a walking comedy show (ba-da-dum!) 

Today’s scenery- 

The path out of Burgos that the Gypsy son carries Martin Sheen’s backpack. 


  An older gentleman sitting on a bench reminded me of my own Papa. It would not surprise me to find him somewhere, waiting for me. 

weird sign in a bathroom 

  And finally, the town guardian of Hornillos.

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