Today’s challenge

So far, I have been fortunate to travel with those who speak Spanish. Today, I take the bus to Burgos without the help of fellow pilgrims.

The schedule in the Albergue says that there is a bus at 9:15 am. The locals tried to show me a schedule that shows an 8:30 bus. However, that schedule was dated 2013.

So here I stand trying to look nonchalant and like I know what I’m doing. I know to watch the signs on the front (my father and brother are bus drivers), I have typed into my translator app “I need to go to Bugos” and I hold it up to the bus drivers with the Spanish sentence (of course). It is 8:15 now, and I wait for the bus. 

8:45 am another pack-laden pilgrim has shown up and he is waiting for the bus to Burgos as well. He is German and doesn’t speak a word of English. From my limited understanding (3 years of high school German), I decifer that he too has been told 9:15 am, so I think it might be correct, especially since the 8:30 bus never did show. 

His pack is twice the size of mine. I understand that he has tried to do the Camino 3 times before. He also had blisters. 

  You purchase your ticket on a bus that comes before the bus to Burgos. Met another English woman pilgrim. Confirmed plans. Bus arrived. Settle in.

One & half hours later:  the bus pulls into the huge city of Burgos, and right across the street I can see the cathedral  

 The municipal Albergue is in the other side of the biggest church ever! I am parked outside I’d the Albergue to grab a bunk, shower, do laundry (hopefully). While waiting earlier, I was sure that the German guy needed  a shower, yet now I think I am the one. My jacket has been hiked in for two weeks and maybe it needs a wash? Ha ha! 

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