Resting in Santa Domingo

One  of the amazing things about the Camino is the way it begins to make its own way in every person’s journey. You can plan, dream, decide, but soon the Camino begins to write itself and lay out its own path for you. The joy is in keeping in tune, or listening to your own walk.

I have 40 days in Spain. I cannot walk successfully over 20 km (12 miles) a day. My feet just say “no.”  So, looking at my time allotment and how fast I can go, I must skip ahead 3 days and be in Burgos tomorrow. That will give me a good amount of time on the Meseta.  I will jump ahead one more time before I MUST walk every single mile: at Sarria, 100 km out of Santiago. Many people allow two months to do this “properly,” which would allow one to walk slowly and not worry about how fast they are going, but I must catch a plane in 3 weeks, so the journey must be monitored.

Tomorrow, at 9 am, I will board a bus to Burgos and say farewell to my sweet angels who have been with me this last week. I must open my heart to a new set of individuals and see what the Camino provides for me.  It will be a little lonley at first, and yet also exciting to see what unfolds!

Good bye sweet girls! 


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