I will have to bus ahead soon because I have a deadline to make. My feet have informed me that over 12 miles they will not do.  So the “suggested legs” in the book will not work.

I started walking this morning and felt a hot spot on my heel. I stopped and took off my boots and socks to check it out. Lo and behold: a small blister popped WAY out on my heel. Out came the blister surgical gear and there in the vineyards I took care. Aren’t you glad I didn’t take pictures?


Last night a group of us sat out on the deck sharing wine and whatever snacks we had in our bag. 

they were all long gone when I got up this morning. I walked alone all day. It was mile after mile of vineyards. It became very hot the last hour and a half. I sang “here comes the sun…” Several times. After a while, your minds lifts and rests and there isn’t any thought that stays long; like the light clouds  over me, they drift about.


Oh: here is the church yesterday:   


 and a sign that said what three signs said over 3 km:   


 I passed through a market place and saw geese bustling about   


 and finally reached my village!  


The wifi here is not good. My pictures didn’t upload. I’m in a bigger city tomorrow and I’ll upload then.


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