Post dinner report

i thought I would try to list the path today, and now that I’ve had my food, I can think.

Climbed 5 km out of Puente la Reina to get my first cafe con Leche. Nothing was opened. Only one bar (cafe in Spain), was opened, but it was so crowded that I thought I’d get the next one (none opened) it’s still early for the Camino. Down and up and up: fields of waving grain, yellow canola flowers past your waist and snap peas in full bloom. stopped 12 km in to have lunch. The bar was just setting out their paella (sp?) dishes, steaming hot. Pic shown earlier. 8 km more into Villatuera, wanted to stop, but pack was in Estella. 

Got to my Albergue in Estella (lovely town) weary, but tomorrow is a short day: so no worry! (as Noels would say brightly).

Thank you all for following and your kind messages to me. Love to you from Espana!

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