Okay: the meal was a little disappointing, but we who fought against gusts of 60 mph winds had reason to celebrate (see pic below) 

Afterward, I attended the pilgrims mass at the church and all pilgrims were able to partake of Communion. They also asked me to participate in the service. I did a reading from Acts (shaking with fear). I can sing in front of any crowd, but reading in church makes me extremely nervous.

We all were called up and blessed and I have to say, it was lovely beyond words. Standing there surrounded by the tired souls who braved the mountain, I felt like God was tucking all his children in for the night!

Headed out at 8 am  


Lovely cafe con leche grande with a ham and cheese croissant.  Perfect.  


We walked on—


Now my laundry is done and I wait for the early dinner seating at my up scale Albergue (got to splurge once in a while) 


Breakfast is included and I will come down to it with backpack loaded. I’ve got to beat the crowd to Jesus y Maria Albergue! Tomorrow it’s Pomplona: no bull. Lol

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