Heavenly Bells

I spent a lovely night at Corozon Puro pension on the border of France. The field next to the house has horses with cow bells tied to their necks, so as they graze, you can hear the most pleasant sound!

I have a lovely room and slept like a baby. It’s 4 am, and we leave for the southern France town of St John Pied de Port at 7:30. My room is chilly but there is an extra blanket. I’m under the covers like a kid with a flashlight to keep warm.

I don’t know if there is wifi at the Pension of Orisson, so I might not update at the end of today.

I begin the journey today. 4.9 miles up into the Pyranees. Excellent weather, chilly, with the only snow piled in the valleys and dells that are shaded. No rain/snow in the forecast, thank God!

As I flew over Spain from Madrid to Pamplona, I felt a sob catch in my throat: as tears rolled down my face, I felt so very thankful and full of joy in being here. My heart is full. Now if my legs hold up today!!


Horse pasture out of my window.


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