It is what it is…

In true pilgrim fashion, I set out from my door for my first “official” pilgrimage act: to receive the pilgrim’s blessing from my church. I barely got there in time! It was a 3 mile walk from my front door to the church.

All my closest friends were there waiting, and my priest had a letter of recommendation declaring that I was being officially sent out from our church for a spiritual pilgrimage.

There were candles lit and chairs in a circle. We had evening prayers and then I received the prayer from my priest. There was a resounding “amen!!” as tears were streaming down my face.  I received my first stamp in my credential (pilgrim passport).

I will check my pack one more time: it is heavier than 15 lbs, but I have to stop over thinking at some point! I plan on spending the next two days quietly deep cleaning my house (good distraction). The next post will be a short update from Atlanta airport on Sunday.  Thank you, dear reader for your prayers!

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Free-lance writer. I am able to work with chaos and organize it into function.
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