Winter Season

3 months of winter.  With the holidays nearly over, the long month of January sets in. I’ve got my pack nearly ready.  I have walked in my boots since September, and noticed there was a slight snug feeling against my right pinky toe.  Off to the shoe repair, and they are keeping my boot for 2 weeks to stretch that point on my boot.  That seems like a long time.  I miss them! I tried walking 2 miles in my running shoes with my inserts, but it only caused my foot issue to flame up.  My boots actually were helping stabilize the foot.

My plantar fasciitis is gradually getting better, but I think it will be an issue that I will watch during my walk. Stretching helps, and I plan on joining the gym for three months do attend yoga classes.  I am getting anxious as I will need to be walking distances with my pack at the end of this month.  110 days now.

I’m beginning to dream about walking and looking for arrows: signs that point to Santiago.  I dream about walking…walking…walking and I worry that I won’t meet anyone to befriend!  What am I—seven years old?  If I were seven, I would just assume that everyone would want to be my friend.  Silly.  Still, sometimes it hits me: I am getting on a plane, flying out of Atlanta to Madrid, and on another short shuttle flight to Pamplona.  By myself.  Sometimes it does seem scarey.

I have decided to bring a little kindle fire to read and to touch base with my support group while I walk.  I will be blogging my entries when I can find a computer station to use.  So the month sits in front of me now, like a cold wall.  I am learning to pace myself through the mundane.  To challenge myself and set weekly goals.  Life has lead me to this point and until I finish, it waits.

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Free-lance writer. I am able to work with chaos and organize it into function.
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