61 days

When you know it’s over, and it hasn’t been an easy road; it’s really hard to stay focused!  I want most of all, to provide my students with a solid finish to their year.  I actually planned out the next 11 weeks of school to keep my eyes on the job at hand.  Next, I have a freezer full of food.  It must be eaten!  So I’ve planned out all my menus for the next 60 days.  Plan, plan, plan. Here is what I’d like to do: 1) Yoga in the mornings. 2) Walk the 2 miles around the perimeter of town and 3)Look at and address my school day.   

This will be a good time to teach, assess, help out around school and pack.  Hopefully, by May 30th, I will have all boxes mailed and the car organized.  I have to sell some things that I’ve purchased thinking I was staying here.  I will post on Craig’s list and in our local flyer on the island….maybe post on the bulletin board at the post office?

I’m nervous and anxious about not having a teaching job next year, but I also know that I can help out at the Boys and Girls club and sub for the schools around my town in Virginia.  I guess what this year has taught me more than anything else, is to be centered and grateful. To give to the needs around me, and to share my talents to help others.  I can’t help but believe that life will open a path for me as I walk confidently in peace.  

After all: Doors can’t open if you don’t move.  

Home again, home again, jiggity-jog.Image

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Free-lance writer. I am able to work with chaos and organize it into function.
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